Avett Brothers                      Introducing Emotionalism        Producer/engineer             Ramseur Records

Tyler Ramsey                      A long Dream                           Producer/Musician            Fat Possum

Tyler Ramsey                     A Valley Wind                           Producer/Mixer/musician      Fat Possum

Georgia Fair                       Times Fly                                 Producer/Musician             Sony Australia

Truth and Salvage co.        Pick Me up                              Mixer                                   Sony/Megaforce

Sea Stars                           Upcoming release                    Mixer

Lissie                                  Why You runnin                       Producer/mixer/ Musician      Fat Possum/Sony

Lissie                                  Catching a Tiger                     Producer/mixer/ Musician      Fat Possum/Sony

Lisse                                   Covered up in Flowers           Producer/mixer/ Musician      Fat Possum/ Sony

Soft Continents                   Scars                                      Mixer/ Co-producer               Self release

Courtney Jaye                    Sweet Ride                             Producer/engineer                Self Release

Floating action                    Desert etiquette                      Mixer                                     Park the Van

Floating action                    Body Questions(up incoming)     Mixer/engineer/writer             New/West

Footloose                           soundtrack(lil lovin)                     Producer/mixer/ Musician       Sony

Biffy Clyro                            Opposites                               Engineer                                 14th floor

Shannon Whitworth            Hightide                   Mixer                                       Redeye

Twilight/ Eclipse                  Soundtrack                          Writer/Musician/engineer          Sony

Band of Horses                  Infinite Arms                          Musician/engineer/co-poducer       Sony

Band of horses                  Georgia                                 Musician/engineer/co-poducer      Fat possum

Band of horses                  Mirage rock                           Musician/Writer                             columbia

Band of horses                  Sonic Ranch sessions           engineer/mixer/co-producer         columbia

Band of horses                   Live at the Ryman                  co-mixer

Malcolm Holcombe                 Not forgotten                      Engineer,Mixing                 Gypsy Eyes

Foscoe Jones                        Foscoe Jones                     Producer/engineer             Self release

Catherine Irwin                      Cut Yourself a switch          Engineer/Mixing                 Thrill Jockey           

Jessie Mae Hemphill             Dare you to do it again        Mixing                                 227                        

Drugmoney                           mtn cty jnk                           Bass/engineering                Hybrid Recordings

Donna the Buffalo               Life's a Ride                         Bass                                   BMG Reincarnate Music

Donna the Buffalo                Silver lining                         Bass                                    Sugarhill

Songs from the                     N.Y.C. Subway                     Producer/Bass                    Headset                 


The Blue Rags                     Rag-n-Roll                             Bass                                   Subpop

The Blue Rags                     Eat at Joes                            Bass                                   Subpop

The Splendors                     The Splendors                       Producer/mixing                 Funkyside

Menage                               Miss Conduct                         Producer/mixing                  Self release

Jr.James & the Late            Soundproof room                   Bass/engineer                     AtoneMusic


Lotte Mullan                         Hope It Breaks your heart       Producer                          unreleased

Escondido                            Untitled                                      Mixer                                unreleased